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I'm getting off of the bus in Ninh Hoa, a rural town one hour north of Nha Trang, in Vietnam. It's been forty-eight hours since I'd boarded my flight out of Calgary. Exhaustion isn't the worst skin is soaking in sweat and I need to get out of my clothes. How can the locals be wearing jeans?I look for my host family at the bus stop, but they find me, first, most likely because I'm the only six-foot tall white guy exiting the bus. A fifty-five year old Vietnamese man, his wife and their nineteen year old son approach me."Hey, man! You, Matt?" the son says in broken English."Hi, you must be Jericho."Apparently, the son is a big WWE fan from which he borrowed his English name."Yes, and these parents, Dang and Phoung. They no speak English," Jericho says as he looks back and forth between his parents and me.I nod and smile at the parents who simply give me a blank expression."Come on, we go motorbike, now."We approach the parking lot to see hundreds of so-called motorbikes (Canadians call them scooters). I've never been on a scooter before, but I figure this will be the first of many firsts during my overseas teaching job. I have no idea what we're going to do with my suitcase, but, after we find his bright, yellow bike, Jericho sits down with the giant suitcase on his lap."Come on, man, you sit behind me," he says so I hop on the back of the bike.I'm not sure what to do with my hands, but Jericho grabs them and puts them on his hips. This is the first time I actually notice our size difference...his frame has to be half the size of mine. I can't believe he's only five years younger than I.The moto-trip takes half of an hour, driving through winding and overcrowded roads, with Jericho and me on his sporty yellow bike. His parents are behind us on a clunker, which I'm surprised still runs. We pull onto a gravel driveway leading to a country house in the middle of a rice paddy. After we arrive at the house, a young woman comes to greet us. My legs are so sore I can barely get off of the bike! I'm no longer only sweaty, but now dusty, too, from the drive. "This my wife, Lynn. She nineteen, too," Jericho says while handing her my suitcase.Lynn is also petite, coming up to my chest. She's wearing Vietnamese homemaker clothes, which look like flowery, thin pajamas. She has beautiful, straight, dark hair which flows down to her waist. I can tell, immediately, she isn't wearing a bra as the outline of her nipples clearly stands out against the fabric of her thin shirt. I'm surprised by how well-endowed she is for an Asianpornpussy girl...C-cups but still perky.As we go into the house, I see a feast sitting out in the living room. I want nothing more than to shower and sleep, but I know I have to be polite to my hosts so we sit down to eat delicious local food including pho, fish, and oyster salad. Throughout the lunch, I learn Jericho is the only one who speaks English."Parents mostly out play cards, I busy school," he says.I explain that my teaching job isn't to start for another week."I show you the sights, man, no worry."Eating is a challenge as I have to do my best to keep my eyes off of Lynn. Every time shion utsunomiya moves, her boobs jiggle under her thin shirt and I feel my cock stir, but I have to be a polite guest so I stay focused on Jericho. I'm surprised at how beautiful she is compared to Jericho, who seems small and average.As the lunch wears on, I can feel my eyes getting heavy, the jetlag is starting to catch up to me. The next thing I know, I'm opening my eyes and its dark outside...I must've passed out on the couch. The food has been cleared but there's nobody in sight so I get up and start walking around. Lynn must hear me because her bedroom door opens and she steps out. She's changed into a white T-shirt and thin blue shorts. The hallway light allows me to slightly make out the dark color of her perky nipples and I have to force myself to make eye-contact."Where's Jericho?" I ask her."Jericho, go," she points to the front door."I need a shower. cosplay i love"Lynn just stares at me. 'Great! I'm stuck here without a translator.' I mime the action of taking a shower, Lynn giggles at me then waves me along. The bathroom is a tiled room with a toilet in the middle and a shower head at the end. I close the door, strip down and notice the heat and humidity has had at least one positive effect!I've never seen my flaccid cock look this big! My boy is hanging down, at least, six inches and my balls nearly as far. I admire myself in the mirror because it looks disproportionately large against my tall, but lanky, body. I take, what feels to be, the best shower of my life, despite the facilities. After I finish, I feel refreshed and cool for a change. That is, until I notice one important thing...there are no towels in the room."Lynn!" I yell and hear her scamper to the door."Can you get me a towel?""No understand," she replies.'Shit!' I pop the door a crack and mime wiping my face. She's still clueless so I let go of the door to mime toweling my other arm and...the door swings open! Here I am, standing fully naked, in front of this young Vietnamese girl. Her eyes go straight to my cock and she covers her mouth in shock. Five seconds feel like five minutes before I regain my senses and close the door.After the door is closed, I hear her run away. I'm still standing here, naked and without a towel, and my lifeline is gone. I open the door and, as I do, I notice the towels are hanging on the wall on the other side of the door. 'Great! Lynn must think I'm a perv, now.' I dry myself off and it dawns on me that I've got another problem...I don't have a clue as to where my bedroom is.I wrap the towel around my waist and search the house. Almost all of the doors are closed. I don't want to traumatize Lynn anymore and I can't risk opening random doors lest I walk in on the parents and have them think I'm a pervert, too. I opt for the small tea-room, which is the only open room in the house with a couch.I have to decide between wearing the sweaty clothes I'd worn since Calgary or the towel...I decide on the towel. As I'm lying on the couch, I'm having thoughts of Lynn seeing and looking at me, naked. 'Has she ever seen a naked white-guy? Has she seen any man, besides Jericho, naked?' I can feel my cock starting to grow. 'Is she horny too? Maybe she's masturbating. Do japanese girls masturbate?'I wake up to the sound of water boiling in a kettle...someone else is in the room. I open my eyes and see Lynn is bending over in front of me. She's wearing her homemaker clothes, again, and reaching for some tea on a lower shelf. I realize my towel has opened during the middle of the night and I'm, once again, fully exposed. I decide against covering up, worried that I might scare her off, again, so I close my eyes and pretend I'm still sleeping.Five minutes pass and shion utsunomiya hasn't left. 'How long does it take to make tea?' I decide to open my eyes, again, and when I do, I notice she has a hand on her shirt while checking me out. 'Is she touching her boobs?' We make eye contact; she turns red and runs out of the room. 'Great, I've scared the girl twice in two days.'I wrap the towel around my waist and go into the hallway. When I do, I notice something I didn't seen last suitcase is in a room across the hallway. After changing, I join the family for breakfast but Lynn won't look at me throughout the meal."Hey, man, we gonna go to a waterfall today," Jericho says as Lynn clears our dishes.I join Jericho on the motorbike and we make our way down several increasingly smaller roads until we reach the base of a jungle hill. There are two other motorbikes at the is dark-black and the other is obnoxious-pink with skull stickers. We see three other people as we approach a path beside a stream.I had no idea Vietnamese have tattoos, but these three have enough between them to make up for it! There are two guys, both taller than Jericho, one with a short Mohawk and the other with dark-red, dyed hair. The third is a girl who looks totally wild. Her head is shaved bald, which highlights her spacer earrings and her A-cup boobs barely make an indent in her tight, black tank top. She's wearing tight, black, leather pants, which I can't imagine hiking in. More shocking to look at though, are the tattoos going up and down her arms and, presumably, over the rest of her body."There's the white boy! He's sexier than his pictures, Jericho," says the short, boyish girl in perfect English. She walks up to me, goes up on her tip toes and gives me a kiss on the cheek. Then, out of nowhere, she grabs my cock through my shorts."I guess white boys are bigger! I'm Layla," she laughs.I'm perplexed as Layla walks away with accentuated hip swings. The two tattooed guys introduce themselves as Rocky, the one with the Mohawk, and Luke with the red hair. I guess 1990's pop culture plays a big influence on Vietnamese-English names.Rocky hands me a bag with beer in it and we begin our hike, following a winding stream. I'm an avid hiker back in Calgary, but the heat and humidity of this jungle is a new obstacle for me. I spend most of the hike behind Layla. Throughout the hike, she bends over, in her too-tight pants, to pick something off of the ground, then turns and smiles if she catches me staring. I certainly don't feel as rude, checking her out, as I did with Lynn.We reach the waterfall after an hour and a half into the hike. It's a postcard scene...a twenty foot waterfall into a deep, clear pool and surrounded by rocks. We're the only ones there. We sit in some shade, crack some beers and Rocky starts cooking a chicken he brought along, using a fire Luke has scraped together. Throughout the lunch, I learn all four of my comrades have been friends since grade school.Jericho is the only studious one of the four, the other three are members of a local rock band, hence the tattoos. Between the heat and the exhaustion during the hike, it doesn't take long for the beers to kick in and we all have a buzz going. The four of them start talking back and forth in Vietnamese and I don't have a clue of what's being said."They hot. They want go swim," says Jericho as the three rockers stand."Shit, man. I didn't bring a bathing suit," I respond.Layla smiles at me, stands and takes off her tank top, revealing her bare chest. I'm, immediately, drawn to the intricate tattoo design that goes from her arms, down between her small breasts and to her navel. In the meantime, her two band mates get completely naked and jump into the pool. Layla makes eye contact with me as she peels down the leather pants, clearly not shy to be stripping in front of me.Underneath is a small, black thong. She has tattoos running up both of her legs and they meet above her pubic region, which looks to be as bald as her head. She gives me a wink, before running to the edge of the pool, and quickly pulls down the last tiny garment hiding her full nudity."She look so sexy, hey, man? Not like my wife, so boring," says Jericho with a sigh.I laugh and clink beer bottles with him, not sure how to reply to his comment. Jericho and I sit at the edge of the pool, drinking beer, and watch the three of them swim around. Clearly, they're totally comfortable being in the buff, together. After a while, Layla and Rocky swim to the edge of the pool and get out.I'm entranced by Layla as she walks, naked and dripping, towards us, but I also pay attention to Rocky, the one with the Mohawk. Like Layla, he has tattoos across his body and has a completely bald pubic area. Surprisingly, though, I notice, for the first time, the tip of his three-inch cock is pierced."When are you guys going to join us?" asks Layla in a seductive tone."Oh, think we not come," replies Jericho, sheepishly."Come on, it won't be the first time I've seen your tiny cock," teases Layla.She and Jericho aggressively exchange words in Vietnamese. Finally, Jericho stands and strips. Once he's fully naked, I stare at him, surprised. I know the rumor about Asian amateur porn guys not being well-endowed, but Jericho takes it to a whole new level. He has a mane of pubic hair and, buried somewhere in that forest, is a pecker that looks much like the tip of my pinky."Your turn, let's see the goods, white boy," Layla speaks up, interrupting my thinking.I stand and pull my shirt off. Once it's off, I unbutton my fly and start to pull my pants and underwear down, exposing my cock."Troi oi," Layla says. (I'll learn, later, 'troi oi' translates to 'oh my god')Once I'm naked, I'm unsure of what to do as all four of them are staring at my cock. Despite pride, I'm also feeling embarrassed and Jericho and I cover ourselves."Get the camera, Rocky," Layla yells.I'm feeling more embarrassed. Rocky grabs his camera from one of the bags as Layla runs over to us. She gets on her knees, between Jericho and me, facing Rocky. The situation feels surreal as I look back and forth between Rocky and this petite, punk, Vietnamese chick...both fully naked."Don't be a asian milf pussy, drop your hands, boys," snaps Layla.Somewhat reluctantly, Jericho and I uncover ourselves. I have butterflies in my stomach as Layla does something unexpected. She uses her right hand to lift my cock up, like she's serving it on a platter, then uses the index finger of her left hand and pushes up on Jericho's tiny pecker. Snap, snap goes Rocky's camera.I look over and see the humiliation of my housemate. Despite his dark, Vietnamese skin, I can see the red coming through on his cheeks. It appears the shame doesn't stop the man's libido from working, though, as his cock grows to be, a completely unimpressive, two inches. Layla's finger looks bigger than his cock as it supports his cockhead.I keep myself calm as my meat drips over the edge of Layla's tiny hands. In some ways, I feel ashamed, but I also feel turned on by being used as an object of admiration for this group. As this is happening, Luke finally decides to swim to the edge of the pool. I hear him and Layla exchanging Vietnamese...Luke in a mocking tone."What's going on?" I ask Jericho.Jericho glances down at my member, which is still in Layla's hand."Luke no think Layla fit you in mouth."As if Jericho saying this was the final push she needed, Layla lets go of Jericho and moves in front of me. She takes my flaccid cock into both of her hands, opens her mouth and takes me in all of the way to the base. This act wakes me up in a hurry and I feel the blood flow to my cock and Layla looks up at me, in surprise, as I start to grow in her mouth. Because of this, she gags, pulls me out and all of the boys start laughing as Rocky continues to take pictures."You lose," Jericho laughs."Shut up, man! I had him all of the way in," Layla quips back.Jericho mimes the action of her gagging and all of the guys laugh."It's OK, it's not a big deal," I say to Layla, trying to console her."It 'is' a big deal! Now, I have to swallow your cum! I hate the taste of cum," Layla replies.I'm perplexed, completely unaware of the bet, as Layla begins licking circles around my cock head. She uses her left hand to stroke the base of my cock and her right fingers to tickle my taint. Rocky moves around us, taking pictures, while his pierced cock starts to swell. I notice Jericho sit, hiding his tiny pecker between his legs, and Luke stays in the water where no one can see his hands.I feel totally exposed as I get a blow job in the jungle while these three guys watch, as well as anyone else who happens upon us. Layla opens her mouth and takes as much of me as she can fit in. This tiny, tattooed Vietnamese girl looks like such a slut bobbing her head on me. I feel such a sense of power, standing over the top of her, knowing I could easily pick her up and have my way with her.I grab the back of her bald head and start pulling her further onto me. Her shocked little eyes look up at me, again, as I use her face like a toy. My cock starts to swell more and more as I approach orgasm and her eyes are bulging as she tries to control herself while I stuff her mouth. Then, I release and Layla starts to gag as load after load hits the back of her throat.Once I'm finished, Rocky comes over, grabs Layla's asian big boobs head and pulls her off of my slimy member. He points the camera down at her and exchanges some Vietnamese. Layla opens her mouth and I see the pool of my cum in her mouth as Rocky snaps some pictures before Layla swallows and, once she's done, Layla turns back to me."So, are you finally going to join us in the pool?" erika momotani smiles, runs and jumps back in. End of Chapter 1

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